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Smorgasbord of Swing

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Thanksgiving weekend doesn’t just mean turkey.  It also means swing dancing.  The veritable smorgasbord of workshops took place on November 27 was a good way to work off the large amounts of turkey I ate.

This was my first time at Smorgasbord of Swing.  This was also my first foray into my hometown’s swing scene, and let me tell you, Cincinnati has a great scene.  With Dayton and Columbus, both of which have reputable swing scenes themselves, within reasonable driving distance, a great crowd showed up this weekend.

The fabulous instructors of the weekend were Joel Plys, from sunny San Diego,  and Valerie Salstrom, hailing from Cleveland, heading the intermediate track.  Dan Rosenthal, of Philadelphia, and Mike “The Girl” Legett, now calling Cincinnati her home, took charge of the beginner track with  Terry and Kandy Thompson-Cannon, hailing from our very own Queen City and heading CincySwing

The Smorgasbord’s palette accommodated a wide range of tastes, with everything from beginner Lindy Hop and Charleston, to things like Intermediate Balboa and 1920s Blues for those with those with a fancy for adventure. The one-day workshop drew people from as far away as Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Here’s a look at this year’s Jack and Jill competition.  It’s an excellent display of the talent that was present, not to mention tons of fun to watch.

It’s a great time, and if you’re in the neighborhood and have a little extra time to spare, I highly suggest making a trip into the Cincinnati realm of swing.


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