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Expanding the Swing-dom

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When you love to do something, you want to spread it and you want others to love it just as much as you do.  Well, this weekend I made an attempt at just that.  I traveled to Findlay, Ohio on Friday night to attend the University of Findlay‘s very first swing dance.

About 70 people turned out for the much-anticipated dance, only a small fraction of whom traveled from the Cincinnati/Dayton area.  The dance was hosted by the Newman Club in cahoots with SGA.

And none of this would be possible without the fabulous and adorable Kat Blum and her mom, Janice.  Kat organized a carpool from Dayton and about 15 people followed her to her native Findlay.  Janice graciously allowed all of us crazy out-of-towners to crash at her house, had a ton of food ready for us when we got back and even put up with our ridiculous music and dancing antics until at least 4:oo in the morning (including some epic Rock Band playing).  So a huge thank you to both of them for pulling this together and making it such a success!

I certainly hope that the swing dancing continues going strong in Findlay.  I hope all of you up there love it as much as I do.  And cheers to  you all who  made my weekend fantastic!

Swing dancing!!!


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