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The First Ever Live Installment of “Music Makes the World Go ‘Round”

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For this very, very special installment of “Music Makes the World Go ‘Round”, I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing the one and only Keith Jones of, you guessed it, Keith Jones and the Makeshifts.  This super rockin’, super cool, super smooth band cranks out the old school rockability jams giving local swing dancers something fun to dance to.


How did you guys get together as a band and how long have you been together?

The band as it is now actually started completely differently and often changes. The original band was started while I was in high school, (2005) but I took a break from it and recreated it a few years later.  I get different people to play for me depending on where I’m playing,
however there are a couple guys I use the most regularly.  Dave Johnson, who almost always drums for me, is an incredible player, and I like to have him backing
me up as often as possible.  As for bass players go, I have had many back me up, but my favorites are easily Martin Eastman of Detroit, MI and Kyle Curtis who lives here in Cincinnati and also plays for a local band called Rumble Club.

What’s you’re home city?

My home city is Warren, Michigan.  It’s a suburb that borders Detroit.

How did you come up with the name “The Makeshifts”?

In High School, my friend Marty Eastman, (the bass player) said we should either name the band “The Makeshifts,” or “Linux and the Penguins”.  We chose the former for
obvious reasons.  Nowadays there’s a couple other “The Makeshifts” out there, but we were first and we have the website/MySpace/Facebook to prove it.

How long have you been playing your respective instruments/how did you first get into playing them?

I’ve been playing guitar for about 7 years now.  Dave Johnson has been on the drums for about 21, and Marty Eastman and Kyle Curtis have been playing for
about 10 years.

Do you have a favorite venue to play?

Anywhere with a swing dance!

Who’s your biggest musical inspiration?

Bing Crosby.. Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris. Those are MINE, but we don’t really any Bing Crosby.
I’d say the band itself is more derived from early Elvis, Gene Vincent and Carl Perkins.

Do you guys have an album?  Is one in the works in the future?

Well, we have a ton of recordings, but not an album yet.  I’d really like to get one together soon, but it’s a matter of finding the time and money.  I don’t want to
throw an album together and sell it, I want to create a quality product before I ask people to pay for it… and that takes time and money!


For more info, music and other cool things, you can check out The Makeshift’s website here.  They also have a MySpace page you can visit here, a blog you can see here, and this one is their Facebook page.  These guys are super connected.

If you’d like to see them live, they will be playing at the SouthGate House in Newport, Kentucky every Wednesday in April.  I’ve heard tell that the SouthGate House has excellent wood floors for dancing…I’m jut sayin’…  They’re also playing at Arnold’s bar & Grill in Cincinnati on June 10.  Make sure to keep checking their site for updates and more appearances.

Rockability wonder workers



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  1. Ellen McIntire

    Bing, Wynonie and Louis Jordan??? This guy has good taste in music!
    The Makeshifts are awesome and I love dancing to them!!!

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