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The One, The Only…CBUS!

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It’s May, and that can only mean one thing….the end of the world!

Ok, just kidding about that one. But May does mean one really epic event: CBUS, the Columbus Lindy Exchange. If you think the past lindy exchanges have been big, just wait, you’ve never seen anything like this before. Folks came from as far away as Chicago to hear the sounds and see the sights that the fabulous CBUS staff provided.

A full 24 hours of dancing, accompanied by the best group of people you will ever meet, makes for one rockin’ weekend. Friday night, dancers gathered at the YWCA on 4th Street for the kick off, and later migrated to the Harmony Artistic Center in Hilliard for the late night. The Friday night musical arrangements were provided by Brian Tietz, John Holmstrom, Erwin Amurao and Loreto Agdinaoay. Needless to say, there was an ample amount of the best swing music ever made.

Saturday didn’t dawn so early, with the fist dancing of the day starting at 1:oo, although after the late night Friday night, most people were grateful for the time to sleep in. Dancing did finally commence at the Franklin Park Shelter House. The day was sunny and hot, which made for lots of sweaty dancers. However, this was my first experience dancing outside, and there couldn’t have been a more beautiful venue. There was a beautiful conservatory filled to the brim with flowers, butterflies and hand-blown glass sculptures.

CBUS wasn’t the only event being held in the pavilion that day.  A native Columbus-ite was having her birthday party there as well.  So, what better way to honor her than with a jam circle?  We rocked out to modern tunes with the birthday girl and her family and bit of hip-hop dance off may have occurred.  Bet  you didn’t think swing dancers could pop, lock and drop it.

A quick lindy bomb interlude at an outdoor shopping center and the scheduled dancing resumed at the Lincoln Theater Ballroom.  This beautiful ballroom, complete with balcony and police escort, gave dancers a whimsical dance hall venue to swing out in.  The old school setting was completes with the John Vermeulen Octet playing a swinin’ set.

The late night was held at Mary Rawlins Dance Studio to the sweet bluesy tunes of The Dave Powers Band.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the air conditioning in the studio was broken, so this meant lots and lots of sweaty dancers and lots and lots of steamy, sleepy kitten blues.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  The send off on Sunday was at Wyman Woods Shelter House.  We honored all the May babies and Frankie Manning with a birthday jam.  After the music had ended, we took a field trip up the road to a local lemonade stand run by the four cutest girls and their puppy.  The looks on their faces when they saw 20 plus people show up in their driveway topped the entire weekend.

I do believe that CBUS is one of the best lindy exchanges that I’ve attended.  There were so many great people and I made new friends and got to hang out with some old ones.  So, for those of you who have never been to a lindy exchange and are looking for a good one, be sure to check out CBUS 7 next year!

For those of you who were at CBUS, what was your favourite part of the weekend?  And what are you most looking forward to next year?


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  1. I love that CBUS sets a 1:1 ratio of leads/follows…that means more dancing for everyone! Great review, Olivia!

  2. Ellen McIntire

    Every single word of this is true! This was probably one of the best Lindy eXchanges I’ve been to in my 2 years of dancing! There was only one thing better about the Friday dance/ late night and that was the Saturday Night dance! What a BEAUTIFUL venue!!! Seriously, go to the next CBUS!!! It’s well worth it!

  3. CBUS is my favorite event, and it lives up to it EVERY single year! The only one I missed as the very first one. (Which was silly because I lived in Columbus then, but I had homework and a play I was in the same weekend!)


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