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SwinGallery 10 Year Anniversary

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Ever since I started dancing, there is one thing I’ve always wondered.  I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be in a real dance hall with a real band with lots of fabulous dancers.  Well, Friday night, I finally got to experience that.

SwinGallery celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and did they ever due it in style.  They packed a dance floor with some of the best dancers in the area.  People streamed in from as far as Indianapolis and Louisville to help SwinGallery party it up right.  The floor at Step-N-Out Studio was packed edge to edge with dancers, with more overflowing into the upstairs dance floor.

To make the evening ever more authentic, SwinGallery brought in Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horn Jazz Band from New Orleans.  Meschiya’s sultry voice drifted off into the night as dancers crowded onto the floor.

The night was accented with a heart felt speech by Kandy Thompson-Cannon, thanking everyone who’d helped make SwinGallery the best is could be.

But, what really needs to be said is “Thank you” to Terry and Kandy both, for making all this possible.  You both have brought something special to Cincinnati, and the scene wouldn’t be the same without you.  A huge thanks must also go out to those who brought SwinGallery together those 10 years ago, Jesse Fatherree and Greta Shraer.  It was Greta who came up with the name we now all associate with swing dancing and the Queen City.  A shout-out also goes to Joel Domoe and Melanie Myers, who have been faithful instructors at SwinGallery since 2006.


I promise I’ll get picture up here soon, so keep checking back!


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  1. Agreed! Meschiya Lake was incredible, and the Cincy scene just wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of all the Swingallery folks. Major thanks and props! : )


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