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Scramble Light Blues 2012

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Sorry for the delay, guys and gals, I had a crazy patch there for a few weeks, but I have something new and shiny for you now!

For the first weekend of Spring Quarter, I took an adventure out to Ball State Swing Society for their second annual blues workshop, Scramble Light Blues.  It was a one day workshop, but it’s been a long time since I’ve come home sore from a weekend of dancing.

This year, the Scramble Light organizers brought in the always fabulous Mike “the girl” Legget and Dan Rosenthal to teach lessons about every aspect of blues dancing, from the basics to the lesser contemplated fast blues.

While the classes covered a range of material (which you can find here), my favourite class of the day covered technique.  This class covered all the little technique bits that just don’t fit in the with any particular move or the basics or anything else, really.  It was all the stuff that you want to ask questions about but don’t know quite what to ask.  It was full of tidbits about posture, tension, compression, tone and a ton of other really cool, useful things.

After the lessons were over for the day, we had a dinner break (during which I discovered the word “scoodlypoop”) and reconvened in the campus art museum to blues the night away.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the band booked for the weekend, T Bone Craig, had to cancel, but even with out the band, the weekend still rocked.  It opened up the floor for some fabulous DJs to give the weekend a personal touch.

The best part of the dance that evening was the chance to use what we learned during the workshop, specifically the fast blues techniques we had talked about.  The DJs made sure to play an ample amount of faster blues tunes in the evening so we had plenty of practice.  I also liked this a lot because it made the late night feel more like a late night.

The blues continued at Cole Academy of Dance, just off campus.  The joint may have been a little tight, but that gave dancers a chance to practice the jukin’ blues we learned.  (They say practice makes perfect!)

What made this weekend stand out from all the other blues workshops was the DJ workshop on Sunday afternoon.  Despite the small number if attendees, Jeff Mundinger left no topic undiscussed as he talked about his style of DJing.  He touched on everything from the  equipment you’ll need for serious DJing to how to structure your set to how to read the dance floor.  If you want more information, I suggest asking him yourself, the next time you see him around.  I can’t spoil all his secrets and besides, it’s more helpful if you get the information first hand, anyway.

Props to all of the organizers for this year’s Scramble Light, you all did a magnificent job!  And from what I heard, attendance skyrocketed from last  year, so you guys are awesome!

Thank you to the wonderful Lydia Kilmer for hosting me, you rock!

I had a great time this weekend but there is one thing that’s still bothering me…Just what exactly is the scramble light?  I will definitely be back next year to find out.


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