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I can’t help but beam with pride when my city boasts its own Lindy Exchange.  That’s right folks, CincyLX 3 was this weekend.  And what a weekend it was.  Four days, Five bands and 30 hours of dancing.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted and still recovering.

But the CincyLX committee kicked it off right Thursday night with Ricky Nye Inc.  This blues, boogie and jump band kept the dance floor hot all night long.

As an added bonus for out-of-towners this year, some dancers gathered at River Downs Race track for some horse racing.  Apparently swing dancers aren’t an inherently lucky group of people, because I’m pretty sure everyone came out with less money than with which they came in.

But after the gambling, there was to be more dancing and this time to the jumping tunes of the Juggernaut Jug Band. And, yes, they play a jug.  Their tunes might have been a little on the fast side, but there’s no doubt they were talented.

Saturday afternoon took us dancers to Harmony Lodge and The Faux Frenchmen.  These four guys are a four piece acoustic Hot Club, gypsy jazz band who play all around Cincinnati.  They have three CDs out that pretty much rock.  You should find them.

Saturday evening brought us back to Bogart’s for the second time and also welcomed Blue Sky 5 for an encore performance.  From hopping originals to fantastic covers, these guys are welcome back in this city any time.  I can’t wait to have them back again.

A DJed late night followed and the CincyLX team did it again and chose amazing DJs.  Props to you all.

I made my graceful exit Sunday morning to attend some non-dance related things, but I’ve heard rumors it was pretty awesome.  With more from the awesome DJs and the fab Gypsy Deville, how could it not be awesome?

As always, a huge thank you goes out to the entire CincyLX crew for all the hard work they put into making this weekend great.  And to Jon Fisk and his mother, Rhonda for feeding a gaggle of dancers and letting us sleep in the spare house.


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