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PittStop Lindy Hop ’12

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November.  That’s right, you heard me right, it’s almost Thanksgiving.  And you know what that means: PittStop Lindy Hop.

This is my second time at this event, but it was nonetheless amazing.  There is no better feeling than walking into a venue so crowded with dancers that you can hardly walk ten paces without bumping into someone.  It, however, never becomes less overwhelming.

This year feature repeat performances by the Boilermakers Jazz Band, Glen Crytzer and his Syncopators and my personal favourite, Gordon Webster.  There was a new appearance from Jimmy Sapienza’s Five Guys Named Moe.  Those guys were pretty cool.  As always, all of these guys were fabulous; there is nothing better than dancing to live music and these guys know how to play for dancers.

Instead of a legit review of this year’s event (mostly because there’s one of those already, and you can find it here), I wanted to talk about this event in relation to new dancers.  For months before hand, I was nagging new dancers in the Athens scene to go to PittStop.  “It’s such a great first exchange,” I said.

But what is it that makes it such a great first exchange experience?  Is it the music?  Is it the venues?  No, I think it’s the people.  Not only are the people at this event great dancers, they are also just all around wonderful people.  Everyone is so accommodating and go out of their way to fix anything that’s wrong.

But it’s not only the event organizers that are wonderful, there is something about PittStop that just attracts the coolest people from all over. What is this mysterious force that attracts the most amazing people?  If someone knows the answer to that, please, let me know.  I’d love to bottle it and sell it.

I could keep yammering about how much I love PittStop, but I’m starting to be redundant.  So I am going to still my rambling tongue and sit on my hands.  So, thank you to everyone who made the weekend wonderful.  And to all of you who are waiting for that perfect time to travel, PittStop is your best best.


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