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Oh, You Two Make Such a Cute Couple

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First, I apologize for the long absence, I had some crazy things going graduation.  Oh, yeah, hey guys, I GRADUATED COLLEGE!  Guess what that means?  No more homework!  EVER!  But, yeah, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, but I promise I’ll  be better about posting things!

Anyway, on to the important things.

So, I was watching an interview with Jaleel White, a.k.a. Steve Urkel, the other day and the topic of his stint with Dancing With The Stars came up.  Now, I know Katie Couric isn’t exactly clued in on the dance world, but she said something that made me pause.  “It’s amazing there aren’t more relationships between dance partners,” she said.

And she got me thinking.  As someone who has never had a steady dance partner, I don’t know much about this topic.  I do know, however, that dancing can be a very intimate experience.  For three minutes, there is nothing but you, your partner and the music. It can lead to some intense feelings, even for just the duration of the song.

Working together, day after day, working on a dance routine or lesson plan, you and your partner would get to know each other very well.  You would have to know how each other thinks, the best way for each of you to present information, what each of you is physically capable of, how the other moves.  If you throw in the added bonus of performing aerials, that takes a certain level of trust.  And then you would get to share all of the ups and downs in each other’s lives.  I imagine this would create a close connection between you.

Being dance partners requires you spending a lot of time together, and as such, would put a strain on relationships with significant others, especially if your significant other is not a dancer.  Non dancers sometimes don’t understand the passion we have for dancing and might have a hard time dealing with the fact that you want to spend so much time with someone who you’re not dating.

So from those of you who do have steady dance partners, are  you a couple?  Would you consider being a couple?  How do you deal with feeling that might develop between you and your partner?  How does your significant other feel about the relationship you have with your dance partner?  And how do you deal with a significant other who might have issues with how close you are to your partner?


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