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How to Not Be a Dance Snob {& other semi-dance-truths}

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I’ve run across the occasional upturned nose at a dance because I’m not a professional dancer. I’ve even been that upturned nose from time to time, but after having been in a place where I had to work hard to grow my dance scene and where that dance scene was mostly beginners, I learned that there’s no need to be picky about who you dance with. There is something fun and new and exciting in every dance, you just have to look for it.

This lovely lady makes some interesting points in this post, so I hope you all take a read.

Swing of Things

Hello, folks. 

I’m home after a delightful weekend at Swing IN hosted by the lovely lindyhoppers just a hop and a skip away in Indianapolis. I was so humbled by the dancers there –most everybody presented themselves with a great attitude and a willingness to share the love of dancing.

So…without further ado…a comprehensive list on how not to become a dance snob. Because let’s face it. Anyone who dances, from the beginner who just learned to swing out to the pro in their 10th year of competitions, needs to learn that the world doesn’t swivel around them. Myself, especially. Sheesh, the ego definitely took a much needed beat down this weekend. So…remember:

1. Just Smile. Seriously. Swing dancing is supposed to be fun, correct? You were fun once. I think. All joking aside, swing dance is such a cheerful dance. Do you really want to be that one Debbie…

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